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Mars in 8th House

Learn about the Mars placement in the 8th house of your astrology/natal chart and what it means for your personality.

The 8th house represents money and shared assets. It indicates the fears and insecurities of a person and what they hide from others. When Mars, the planet of division and energy, is in the 8th house, it can show a person who is very bold when making financial decisions and dealing with money.

In the House of money and fear, Mars, the god of war as it is often called, can manifest as a very strong yet insecure person. Mars is the planet of aggression and action, so it can show a person who is constantly going through internalized battles. 

These individuals are passionate and driven. They may go through many difficulties, but they always know how to fight them. Mars in the 8th house people could attract wealth, but it will require a lot of effort and courage on their side.

Natives of Mars in the 8th house attract attention with their magnetism and mystery. They don’t easily allow others close to them. People are intrigued by them and always want to learn more about them.

Outcomes Of Mars in 8th House

Mars in the 8th house is concerned about a person’s finances, sexuality, and personal insecurities This affects the following areas:

  • Sexuality
  • Personal relationships
  • Money
  • Shared assets
  • Fears

The following sections provide the specific outcomes for natives with this placement:

Positive Outcomes

The natives with Mars in the 8th house can be financially ambitious.

They are bold when making financial decisions and are likely to take risks. They are magnetic and powerful. Even though they may experience many difficulties throughout their life, they manage to fight and overcome them.

They are very strong and can easily handle a lot of stress. They may go through a lot of transformations throughout their life. Each one will bring out a better version of themselves.

Negative Outcomes

Mars is the force of the ego in action.

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When it’s in the 8th house of money, the native can be very reckless with money and make decisions without much thought behind them. They are very rebellious and can have difficulty following other people’s instructions.

They have a lot of deep insecurities and a lot of fear, but they hide them very well. They can have trouble in their close relationships as they are afraid of opening up to others. It is hard for them to form close connections as they fear showing their vulnerable side. They are protective of themselves and their privacy.

Outcomes for Relationships and Marriages

The planet of action and aggression in the 8th house can show someone who can be very domineering and controlling in their intimate relationships. They are very protective of their partners and want the best for them, but they can have trouble respecting their partner’s privacy and needs.

They are passionate lovers and very expressive of their love and attraction to their partner. They are likely to have relationships with very strong intimate bonds.

On the negative side, they can get easily jealous and may lack trust in their partner. They can be possessive, which can sometimes be overwhelming for the person they are with. They may have difficulty understanding their partner’s emotions and need for comfort. 

Outcomes for Business and Career

Mars is the planet that represents drive and motivation.

Individuals with Mars in the 8th house are very financially ambitious and willing to do anything to reach their financial goals. They are willing to take risks, leading to great successes or disappointments.

In their career, they are ambitious and well-respected.

However, they may keep their plans secret and have difficulty working with others. They don’t trust other people easily and are unlikely to allow others to make any decisions for them. They might have more success on their own than in a team, so pursuing solo endeavors could be better than working with a partner. They are determined to succeed in life.

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Mars in 8th House Synastry

In Synastry, Mars in the 8th House can be indicative of strong physical attraction and intimacy. The Mars person can be drawn to the 8th  House person’s magnetism and mystery.

This can be a very passionate relationship that shows a lot of sexual chemistry. The relationship might be private or secretive. For it to develop, though, the 8th House person must learn to trust the Mars person fully.

On the negative side, this relationship can be filled with jealousy and controlling behavior.

The 8th house person’s insecurities could be brought out in the relationship, and they may feel uncomfortable around the Mars person. They can be very possessive of each other and may always question each other’s motives.

Famous People With Mars in 8th House

  • Marilyn Monroe – June 1st, 1926; Mars in 8th House in Pisces
  • Steve Jobs – February 24th, 1955; Mars in 8th House in Aries
  • Diana, Princess of Wales – July 1st, 1961; Mars in 8th House in Virgo
  • Ariana Grande – June 26th, 1993; Mars in 8th House in Virgo
  • Lana Del Rey – June 21st 1985; Mars in 8th House in Cancer
  • Elon Musk – June 28th, 1971; Mars in 8th House in Aquarius
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy – May 29th, 1917; Mars in 8th House in Taurus
  • Brigitte Bardot – September 28th, 1934; Mars in 8th House in Leo
  • Robin Williams – July 21st, 1951; Mars in 8th House in Cancer


Natives of Mars in the 8th house are ambitious and driven.

They can experience financial success throughout their life, but it will require a lot of action and risks. They have trouble letting people close to them due to their lack of trust in others and fear of intimacy. They dislike showing their vulnerability.

In relationships, they can be very loving and protective but also controlling and possessive.

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