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Mars in 7th House

Learn about the Mars placement in the 7th house of your astrology/natal chart and what it means for your personality.

The 7th house represents relationships, contracts, and business. It signifies how a person deals with others who they attract into their life. When Mars, the planet of division and energy, is in the 7th house, it can show very difficult relationships and complicated dynamics.

In the House of business, Mars, the god of war as it is often called, can manifest as a very charismatic and bold person who approaches others directly. Mars is the planet of aggression and action, so that it can show an ambitious individual with a competitive nature.  

These people are bold and dominant. They know what they want from others and can approach others very directly. They are honest with their intentions and expectations. Mars in the 7th house people can be good in business but could attract a lot of dangerous and competitive partners. 

Natives of Mars in the 7th house attract attention with their dominant nature. They always stand out around others. They can attract a lot of dangerous people into their life and can have relationships with complicated dynamics. 

Outcomes Of Mars in 7th House

Mars in the 7th house is concerned about relationships, business, and what kind of people a person attracts into their life. This affects the following areas:

  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Connections
  • Contracts
  • Marriage

The following sections provide the specific outcomes for natives with this placement:

Positive Outcomes

The natives with Mars in the 7th house are bold and direct in their relationships.

They are clear about their intentions towards others and can have a very honest relationship approach. They attract people who are bold and courageous, people who are protective of them and will have their back at all times.

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In business, they are ambitious and always look for the right opportunity. Their brave nature could bring them a lot of success in their endeavors.

Negative Outcomes

Mars is the force of the ego in action.

When it’s in the 7th House of relationships, it can show many difficulties connected to their personal and professional relationships. They can attract people with very controlling and domineering personalities who will try to overpower them.

There can be a lack of balance in their relationships. They can experience conflicts with others, and there is a lack of peace and harmony. In business, they may attract people who are in dangerous competition and can bring a lot of difficulties into their life. 

Outcomes for Relationships and Marriages

The planet of action and aggression in the 7th house of relationships can show a person who attracts bold and ambitious people into their lives. Their partner might want to be the one in control. They can have a hard time finding peace and balance in their relationships.

They can be controlling of their partner and may want to make the decisions in the relationship. Finding common ground can be hard, and neither they nor their partner will be willing to compromise for the other person. Communication and compassion will be very important things to work on if they want a successful relationship.

Outcomes for Business and Career

Mars is the planet that represents drive and motivation.

Individuals with Mars in the 7th house tend to be very business savvy and ambitious. They are good at pursuing their ambitions. They can be very bold when they approach others with their ideas. They may have luck in finding people with similar aspirations as them.

On the negative side, they can have very strong competition and should not easily trust the people they partner with in business. They have to be conscious of who they sign contracts with.

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Mars in 7th House Synastry

In Synastry, Mars in the 7th House can be indicative of a very strong and supportive relationship.

On the positive side, both people will put a lot of effort and energy into the relationship. The Mars person will bring qualities that the 7th house person may lack, such as courage and ambition. Together they can create a powerful team.

On the negative side, they can be very competitive and bring out a difficult side of the other person. The Mars person can be very controlling of the 7th house person, while the 7th house person can be very dependent on the Mars person and may rely on them for a lot of things.

Famous People With Mars in 7th House

  • Barack Obama – August 4th, 1961; Mars in 7th House in Virgo
  • Lady Gaga – March 28th, 1986; Mars in 7th House in Capricorn
  • Albert Einstein – March 14th, 1879; Mars in 7th House in Capricorn
  • Emmanuel Macron – December 27th, 1977; Mars in 7th House in Leo
  • Tom Cruise – July 3rd, 1962; Mars in 7th House in Taurus
  • Monica Bellucci – September 30th, 1964; Mars in 7th House in Leo
  • Natalie Portman – June 9th, 1981; Mars in 7th House in Gemini
  • Mariah Carey – March 27th, 1969; Mars in 7th House in Sagittarius
  • Justin Timberlake – January 37th, 1981; Mars in 7th House in Aquarius


Natives of Mars in the 7th house are very direct in their approach to relationships and business.

They know what they want, and they know how to get it. They can attract people who are very ambitious and courageous. They can create powerful relationships with others, leading them to success in their personal and professional lives.

However, they must be careful with their competition and the people they trust.

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