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Mercury in 8th House

Learn about the Mercury’s placement in the 8th house of your astrology/natal chart and what it means for your personality.

Individuals with Mercury in the 8th house seek to solve the mystery of the universe.

They have innate occult powers through the fastest planet’s residency in the house of transformation; through intuition that is almost a supernatural power, they seem to know things before they even happen.

Like most Mercury natives, they love to talk about anything and everything.

Since the 8th house is also the House of Sex and Death, they have heightened interest in these areas and will ramble about them. They like to pick things apart, uncover the hidden, and analyze taboos in a scientific way.

Searching for answers and detecting the truth behind a false glamor is part of their deep-seated need to investigate the world, but this may lead to them attaining knowledge for malicious purposes.

Baseless suspicions can make them overbearing, affecting others’ trust in them.

By reading this article, you will know how communication, intellect, metamorphosis, and the supernatural are intertwined in the lives of Mercury in 8th house natives.

Outcomes Of Mercury in 8th House

With the planet of rational thought passing through the house of transformation, thus emphasizing the power of the mind and the other world, this placement generally covers these areas:

  • Curiosity
  • Occultism
  • Death
  • Sexuality
  • Persuasiveness

Mercury in the 8th house provides natives with the following specific outcomes:

Positive Outcomes

Natives are never lacking in friends with their natural confidence and communication skills. It’s easy for them to converse with others and get to know them, but the same can’t always be said the other way around.

Secretive and enveloped in a mysterious aura, they pique other people’s curiosity, showering them with attention.

The 8th house can strengthen their resiliency when facing problems, and with Mercury’s help, they can find cunning ways to mold their circumstances to fit their needs.

With their strong intuition and psychic abilities, natives can make the right call to get them out of the crisis and bring them prosperity.

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Negative Outcomes

Since the 8th house affects transformations, natives are prone to experiencing significant changes in their lives; this may mean living through traumatic experiences.

Considering this, it’s understandable that they keep many secrets to protect themselves, not wanting to show their emotions.

Forming a wall around themselves may be beneficial when faced with strangers but not when it comes to families and friends.

They might think that natives don’t trust them, feeling the gap between them, which can damage their relationships.

Moreover, with their enhanced connection to spirituality, sending negative vibes is a thing for natives. They might wish harm on their enemies, accessing the dark energy of the 8th house, and it can happen.

This is a dangerous ability if not properly learned or controlled.

Outcomes for Relationships and Marriages

Romantic relationships of natives with this placement often lead to successful marriages, especially with their loved ones’ support.

As long as both parties trust and respect each other, there will be a flourishing connection and a shared good life.

Trust is indeed an important aspect that natives should keep in mind. The dark energy of the 8th house’s ruling planet, Pluto, can cloud their rationality and make them read into everything.

They may become suspicious of their partners even with a false hunch, leading to possessiveness and emotional manipulation that will end up in heartbreak for both parties.

Outcomes for Business and Career

Mercury in the 8th house showcases individuals with a sharp mind and a genuine interest in learning, often in psychology, sexuality, spirituality, and even astrology or metaphysics.

They don’t shy away from taboo subjects with their need to unravel the truth.

Their eye for detail and curiosity also make them great detectives and investigators; becoming part of an intelligent service is not a far-fetched idea.

Natives are also organized and systematic workers, making them shine in fields related to analysis, especially in exchanges between people. They can find fulfillment in their lives as doctors, teachers, researchers, public speakers, and even magicians and occultists.

Mercury in 8th House Synastry

If a native’s mercury is in their partner’s 8th house, whatever they say has a lasting impact on them; likewise, their partner takes their words seriously.

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However, natives should pay attention to the words they use as they can damage their partner’s psyche if they aren’t careful.

Mercury in the 8th house synastry indicates a good relationship, especially when both parties work together. Both cooperative, they like to stimulate each other’s interest through serious conversations, especially when it comes to deep topics and occult studies. 

Sharing of ideas is common for them, which can even lead to the formation of something akin to a telepathic connection. Since the 8th house also governs shared possession, both parties are likely to share in money and possession, which may signify success.

Famous People With Mercury in 8th House

  • Lana Del Rey – June 21, 1985; Mercury in 8th House in Cancer
  • Tom Cruise – July 3, 1962; Mercury in 8th House in Gemini
  • Emma Watson – April 15, 1990; Mercury in 8th House in Taurus
  • Zendaya (actress) – September 1, 1996; Mercury in 8th House in Libra
  • Michael Jordan – February 17, 1963; Mercury in 8th House in Aquarius
  • Pink (singer) – September 8, 1979; Mercury in 8th House in Virgo
  • Sylvester Stallone – July 6, 1946; Mercury in 8th House in Leo
  • Adam Levine – March 18, 1979; Mercury in 8th House in Aries
  • Tyler, the Creator – March 6, 1991; Mercury in 8th House in Pisces
  • Shy’m (singer) – November 28, 1985; Mercury in 8th House in Sagittarius
  • Whoopi Goldberg – November 13, 1955; Mercury in 8th House in Scorpio
  • Jake Paul – January 17, 1997; Mercury in 8th House in Capricorn


Natives with Mercury in the 8th house believe that everything has a purpose, and they want to know what that is – with their intelligence and otherworldly intuition, unraveling the truth is possible.

They have strong persuasive skills and an inherent connection to the occult, which is an asset in achieving their goals.

However, they should learn to control their abilities and not let their abilities control them.

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