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Pluto in 7th House

John was a successful stock market investor, but his relationships never seemed to last; that’s because of his placement. With Pluto in the 7th house of his natal chart, he had difficulty trusting and allowing …

John was a successful stock market investor, but his relationships never seemed to last; that’s because of his placement.

With Pluto in the 7th house of his natal chart, he had difficulty trusting and allowing himself to be vulnerable with those closest to him.

Despite this, John was able to use his intense intuition and understanding of social dynamics to drive success in his career. He learned how to manage the power struggles and control issues of having Pluto in this house by seeking balance and harmony.

Below, we explore the outcomes of Pluto in 7th house both synastrically and compositely, detailing how one can use this placement’s potential while avoiding its pitfalls, and maybe you too can be like John!

Quick Summary

  • Pluto in 7th House is associated with intense shifts and pressure in relationships and the need to confront issues.
  • It influences relationships with authority figures and motivates a desire for increased personal power and control.
  • Positive traits include a desire for intense passion and affection, the ability to inspire and motivate others, and a drive to accomplish goals.
  • Negative traits include tendencies towards obsession and possessiveness, fear of losing individuality in a partnership, and difficulty maintaining balance and efficiency.

Outcomes Of Pluto in 7th House

The placement of Pluto in 7th house can have positive and negative effects.

On one hand, it brings intense passion and transformation to relationships and marriages and strong intuition and insight for business and career decisions.

On the other hand, it may also bring power struggles, control issues, fear of betrayal, little trust, or traumatic experiences.

Understanding how to utilize these outcomes to find balance in relationships and success in professional endeavors is important.

Positive Outcomes

You can find harmony and transformation with Pluto in your 7th house, leading to positive outcomes. Exploration and growth of personal power are possible, as is transformation and empowerment.

Passionate and intense relationships are favored, allowing for the balancing of emotions. When working with others in partnerships or collaborations, achieving goals and objectives becomes easier.

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This placement strengthens those who seek it, encouraging boldness while creating opportunities for success. These qualities will take you far in any situation you may face.

Negative Outcomes

Excessive passion, power struggles, and control issues can negatively impact Pluto in 7th house.

Relationship challenges are common with this placement due to trust issues and fear of intimacy.

Intense transformations that occur during these relationships often disrupt balance and stability.

Power struggles between partners can be difficult to navigate, as one partner may seek dominance.

Negative traits such as manipulation, possessiveness, and jealousy are possibilities with Pluto in 7th house.

Finding ways to break free from unhealthy patterns associated with this placement is important to experience positive growth and transformation.

Outcomes for Relationships and Marriages

Relationships and marriages influenced by Pluto in 7th house can be fraught with power struggles, intense transformation, and potential trauma. These partnerships can face relationship transformations, power dynamics, fear of intimacy, and trust issues.

Pluto’s influence requires confronting deep emotions and issues that may have been previously ignored or hidden. The fear of vulnerability can lead to further trust issues impacting relationships significantly. Such partnerships must find a balance between emotions and logic, as well as a healthy level of control to achieve stability.

This placement can provide powerful insights into one’s self and true intentions if successfully navigated.

Outcomes for Business and Career

Pluto in 7th house can benefit certain professional fields, such as marketing, politics, law, and psychology. Natives with this placement have the potential to achieve career growth through intense transformation.

Professional partnerships and business transformations are also possible when utilizing Pluto’s power of influence. It is important to note that public image and reputation management are essential with this placement, as Pluto can bring secrets into the spotlight.

Adjusting behavior accordingly is necessary for success in these areas and finding harmony between personal goals and those of partners or associates.

Pluto in 7th House Synastry

When Pluto’s in 7th house of a synastry chart, it can cause intense power dynamics and control issues in the relationship.

This placement can bring major compatibility challenges, emotional intensity, and trust issues. The energy of Pluto encourages deep transformations, making this an important area to be aware of when considering relationships.

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It is essential to pay attention to power dynamics and make sure both parties are respected equally. Keywords such as compatibility challenges, power dynamics, intense transformations, trust issues, and emotional intensity should be considered when evaluating this placement.

Pluto in 7th House Composite

You and your partner’s Pluto placements in the 7th house of the composite chart can indicate potential power struggles and control issues in your relationship. With this placement, you must pay close attention to natal Pluto for hints on handling any challenges or issues that may arise.

Excessive passion, obstinacy, and a strong desire for authority can indicate conflict. Professional and social implications are also important – utilizing an intuitive understanding of undercurrents to maintain harmony is key.

Aspects of this placement should not be taken lightly; if afflicted, it could lead to abuse or domestic violence. The significance and characteristics of Pluto remain powerful within this house – requiring resilience when dealing with its effects.

Celebrities With Pluto in 7th House

  • Kim Kardashian – October 21st, 1980; Pluto in 7th House in Libra
  • Angelina Jolie – June 4th, 1975; Pluto in 7th House in Libra
  • Brad Pitt – December 18th, 1963; Pluto in 7th House in Virgo
  • Beyoncé Knowles – September 4th, 1981; Pluto in 7th House in Scorpio
  • Johnny Depp – June 9th, 1963; Pluto in 7th House in Libra
  • Jennifer Aniston – February 11th, 1969; Pluto in 7th House in Libra
  • Tom Hanks – July 9th, 1956; Pluto in 7th House in Leo
  • Scarlett Johansson – November 22nd, 1984; Pluto in 7th House in Scorpio
  • Ryan Reynolds – October 23rd, 1976; Pluto in 7th House in Libra


Ultimately, Pluto in 7th house can be a transformative force that can bring great passion and insight to relationships. It can also be a source of power struggles and control issues if not handled carefully.

To make the most of this placement, it is important to cultivate trust, understanding, and balance to navigate any potential difficulties with grace.

By embracing this astrological position as an opportunity for growth and transformation, one may discover deep secrets about themselves and their relationships that lead to greater love and connection.

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